What is Moving, Mover or Moving Company

October 30, 2019

Moving in the USA is a highly developed area of ​​activity with large annual turnover. The popularity of moving services varies from season to season – most of the work is carried out in the summer, usually in June and August.

Many Americans change their place of residence quite often. It is happening due to obtaining a new position in another district, and often a city, or even a state, improving or worsening welfare, and acquiring or renting a more optimal housing option. All this leads to the need for caring out the process of moving.

Even US citizens with average incomes can afford to purchase equipment, furniture and other household items and wardrobe quite often. As a result they have a lot of things in their houses, so almost all people prefer to contact specialized moving companies, which are involved in the transportation of furniture and other goods.


Nowadays, the staff of RC MOVING is specialists who work directly with clients. They provide the whole necessary information about the company and help calculate the amount of future expenses. Our company provides these services for free. As for the standard service, it is made up of the following components: movers come to your house, evaluate the scale of work, set the date and time for carrying it out, dismantle and pack the cargo with its own packaging material, mark it, load and transport it with specialized vehicles, unload with delivery to placement, unpack and clean the packaging material.

Moreover, RC MOVING can offer its customers a number of additional services. These include insurance, protection of transported property and its short-term storage in a warehouse. We provide services only in accordance with a contract signed with a client, which clearly stipulates all the nuances of the transaction, and also prescribes the rights and obligations of both parties.

When the movers put their advertisements in the print media, this indirectly indicates their seriousness, as one-day companies are not profitable to invest in advertising. Another proof of the reliability of the company can be positive customer reviews. If a moving company has been providing moving services for a long time, there should be a lot of such reviews. Most modern firms have their own sites on the Internet, where, among other information, a list of clients is also indicated.

Some moving companies keep prices low, but the level of services they provide is low either. As a rule, they save on packaging materials (for example, they will bring only boxes for moving), they may not comply with the terms of the contract. At the end of the work, the amount agreed for earlier may turn out to be higher, since unforeseen situations allegedly arose during the moving process.

Unlike specialized moving companies, ordinary transport agencies are not aware of the nuances of apartment or office relocations. As a rule, there are no employees able to perform the work of professional movers. Yes, and loaders are hired only if necessary. The moving company is equipped with full-time workers, and labor productivity is much higher.

Before carrying out a large-scale transaction of office or production facilities moving, a representative of the agency develops and submits a work plan for approval to the client. If necessary, the move can continue non-stop for several days. In this case, the movers work in shifts. They perform not only loading and unloading, but also dismantling and assembling furniture, installing and connecting household appliances, lamps and other related work.

In addition, our company can provide services for moving personal property to another city or abroad. Thanks to the presence of partner firms in many countries of the world, even the delivery of goods from one continent to another becomes possible!

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